If you're a lady who's ever played basketball in the past and want to rekindle your passion, Brenda Wilson is looking for you.  

Wilson is the organizer of a once a week, drop in, ladies basketball league in Airdrie that's looking for some new players.  Wilson explains the group's history.

"It's been running for three years in Airdrie, going into it's fourth season.  Before that it was actually run out of Crossfield for about 15 years and I got wind of it and played up there for about three years.  It closed there so I brought it down to Airdrie.  It's just a group of dedicated, passionate people that like basketball, we're not in high school anymore, there's no league in Airdrie so it's just a drop in fun league for those of us who love to play the game and we do it once a week."

Wilson says gym space in Airdrie is hard to come by so the league only uses one gym, at Good Shepherd School for one night a week.  "We're a small group, we keep it to about 25 to 30 people and then whoever shows up that night we make teams and play some ball."

The numbers have dwindled recently so the league is looking for 10 to 15 new players according to Wilson.

"We really want people who have played in the past.  You need to have some knowledge and have played before.  Our fees are very low, we just ask to cover the gym, the equipment and the pinnies, that's it.  We just want to keep it going and there's nothing in Airdrie like it."

Wilson says there is a wide age range for ladies who take part.  "Age is about 25 to 60, we have quite a variety."

The league goes from September 18th to April 16th.  Registration closes September 10th.  

If you're interested in playing you can email Wilson at [email protected].   

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