You know what that means...


Today is the Winter Solstice!  Which means after today, the days are going to start getting longer....and longer... and longer.... Until BOOM, it's summer again!

Although, we really can't complain about our winter this year. We have been extremely lucky thanks to Mother Nature.

Now that we have hit the official first day of winter and have been blessed with this wonderful blanket of snow, here are some fun winter activities to do with the family:


  • Sledding! There is an amazing hill on the East side, right across from Airdrie Auto Body! (Don't worry, it's worth the trek!)
  • In the words of Anna: Do you wanna build a snow maaan? Challenge the family to create the craziest snow man! Winner gets to pick the next Christmas movie!
  • Snow Angels... don't you remember making hundreds of those as a kid? Who can make the most in a minute?
  • Build snow forts and have a snowball fight!
  • Take your furchildren for a walk! My favorite thing to do with my Pup is bury treats and toys in the snow and challenge him to find them, he loves it!
  • Festival of Lights! Bundle up and go admire the beautiful lights set up at Nose Creek Park, a tradition that's been lighting up Airdrie for around 22 years!

If you're not too much of an outdoorsy person, or just plain not a fan of cold there are still many winter activities you can participate in:

  • Winter Crafts! Paper snowflakes, ornaments, decorations. Whip out that Pinterest app and get creative!
  • Hot cocoa and your favorite movie. Get into your comfiest P.J's and wrap yourself up in a big, fuzzy blanket!
  • Board games are always a great way to spend family time together.
  • Baking!

Have an amazing winter, and Happy Holidays! is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.