They could be the greatest words you'll hear in the next few months, "we're goin' fishin." Whether you're out on the lake, in the backcountry or down with the family at Nose Creek Park, fishing is a timeless pastime.

One Cochrane man loves it so much, he turned it into his own business. Andrew Watson is the owner of Shoreline Riser's Guiding Company, providing expeditions and lessons to those who love to fish in the great outdoors.

It's not just any kind of fishing, it's fly fishing, the art of the sport where you use nature itself to make the perfect catch.

Watson recently came to our studio to talk about Shoreline Riser's and why he's excited for the upcoming fishing season.

If you missed the interview, you can catch it right here.

To find out more about Shoreline Riser's Guiding Company, you can visit their official Facebook Page.

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