Over the years children, teenagers and adults have begun spending more and more time in virtual worlds than outside in the real world. 

The Vanier Institute of Canada put a recent study together with a variety of statistics to bring light to the issue of Video Game Addiction. 

According to the results, in 2013 48% of household reported having a gaming system in their house. 

The average amount of time spent playing video games per day by Canadians surveyed reported playing video games roughly 108-140 minutes per day. 

In 2012, the GDP generated by the Canadian video game industry equalled 2.3 billion dollars. 

The Esports industry itself is valued to profit of over 900 million dollars this year. 

Over the years the way youth have been involved in video games has also changed in the sense that now many people will watch live streams of others playing video games instead of playing themselves. 

Do you think that the rate of video game addiction will rise in Canada over the next few years? How do you ensure your children do not develop video game addictions?

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