Residents of Ontario are riled up after for the first time in ten years they will not be the recipient of equalization payments. 

 As an Albertan, the idea of a province not being happy with the fact they have to pay equalization payments seems rather laughable as Alberta is expected to pay up to 19 Billion dollars in equalizations payments for the 2018-2019 year. 

However now due to not receiving payments for the first time in ten years Ontario has joined the call for a stoppage of payments along with Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland. 

Do you think it is time for provinces to stop paying these payments? 

In the 2020 year, Quebec is expected to receive a 1.4 Billion dollar boost raising the money they will receive in payments to 13.1 Billion dollars. 

Is it time to stop paying other provinces? Alberta is still not receiving payments even as oil hits historically low record levels. 

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