Once again, schools across Alberta are taking part in the annual ‘Hats on For Mental Health’ initiative today (May 2nd).

The campaign is a collaboration with the Alberta Teachers Association and the Canadian Mental Health Association.pink cowboy hat may2017 derek craddock

President of the ATA Greg Jeffrey explains the purpose behind this initiative.

“Our concern was the stigma of mental health issues for students and for teachers in the schools and so our first effort was to reduce the stigma.”

Jeffrey says that when they’re able to help students with Mental Health, it contributes to their overall success.

“When students are suffering with mental health issues in silence, it affects their ability to learn. First and foremost, we’re about student learning and taking care of the whole child, so we thought it was a very important initiative.”

Many schools throughout the province have been taking part in the Hats on initiative today, include Education Minister David Eggen.

Jeffrey says that he’s grateful over the last few years that the campaign has stretched even beyond the classroom.

“We’re glad to see it expanding to outside of the school communities, we’ve seen it now in the business community as well. It’s good to see that all Albertans are worried about the well being of the children of our province.”

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