I'm about to enter a place that I have not ventured into for nearly a decade later today! 

You guessed it...this guy is going to the dentist for the first time since 2010.

I know, I know, it's something I shouldn't procrastinate over but I have. There haven't been any problems with my teeth lately, compared to 2010 when part of a tooth broke off in the middle of lunch. [What followed was a root canal which was ever so pleasant :) ]

I figured it was time to go back as I have had some sensitivity in one tooth, and with the copious amount of dentists in Airdrie, I should get that checked out.

Whether you go regularly or are like me and going back for the first time in a while, I want to know how you get ready for the dentist? What are your tricks or rituals you have?

Derek Craddock - [email protected] 


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