The therapeutic power of dogs is clear for every four legged parent around town.

And that therapeutic power is exactly what Bryanna Filip-Muyser was hoping for when she adopted Beau.

After going through medical troubles of her own, Bryanna is now facing medical troubles in her best friend.

This past weekend, while playing in the park, Beau put his leg in a gopher hole and really injured his knee.

Bryanna has been faced with three options, surgery, amputation, or... putting him down.

At this point Bryanna is leaning towards amputation as the most feasible solution financially as well as long term.

Surgery would most likely cause problems down the road for Beau as he is not finished growing and the growth of that leg would be stunted.

Bryanna is facing a huge bill and was considering selling her car before her best friend suggested public crowd sourcing.

She has set up a donation page at to help with the costs.

More details about Beau's surgery are also available at that site.


Update: Beau's amputation has been scheduled for October 8th! The total vet bill for the surgery is $2500, but there are now more ways to help pitch in and donate:


There is a bottle drive on Monday October 6 to help fund Beau, the drop off point is at Nose Creek Park, more info here:


In addition, The Airdrie Puppy Pals are hosting a first aid course for puppies on October 11 with 50$ from each registration going towards Beau's surgery! More info here: is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.