It's something many have dreamed of, becoming an entrepreneur and being your own boss, and that's exactly what a group of local girls has done. 

The Second Threads Company creates and develops multipurpose neckwear out of eco-friendly materials. The girls worked for 18 weeks to get their product to market.  During this time they brainstormed ideas which eventually led to the idea to create prototypes of their gear with elastic loops to develop a padded pillow hat to make it more innovative. The girls did all the research and development themselves looking into what it would cost per product and find a supplier that could supply eco-friendly materials. 

Olivia Korsholm the VP of Human Resources and Finance for the company says it was important for the team to create something unique. 

"Textile production is the second largest polluting industry in the world and it was important to us as a group for our product to be eco-friendly." 

Korsholm says she loves doing the business as it's a passion of hers.

Korsholm is also intending to continue to operate the business and continue to develop more product. 

The members of the team include Gabrielle Scott, VP of Production:  Alexandra Claggett, President of Second Threads:  Emma Kay VP of Marketing, and Bethany Scott VP of IT.

The girls involved were enrolled in the Junior Achievement Program and their team won the award for Best New Business. 

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