A local brewery has won two medals for their brews. 

Cody and Pamela from Fitzsimmons Brewing came into the studio today to talk about their award-winning brews.

They picked up their third award for their East Lake Amber Brew and Cody says the beer has a unique ingredient that makes it, unlike anything you have tasted before.

"Well the east lake amber is an ale that we were brewing before even owning a brewery and it was one of the reasons why we even wanted to open a brewery in the first place is to make this beer. So what really makes it special is we actually add toasted rye to it that gives it a very unique characteristic."

Cody says the creation of the beer itself was something special.

"So the East Lake Amber was originally homebrew and it was the first one we tasted and we kind of decided from there that this might actually be something we could do for businesses, not just a hobby, next thing you know we are making beer!"

Fitzsimmons Brewery also won a silver medal for their Anniversary Saison.

Pamela says the creation of this brew itself was something they had never tried before.

"To commemorate the first-year anniversary we used components of every beer we made throughout the year, so we took a different malt or grain and put them all together."

The brew itself is limited edition due to a mishap at the brewery. 

"So this is kind of a funny story, we made one single batch of this back in November and brewed 2000 litres of it and the day we were canning it we accidentally knocked off a valve on one of the tanks and lost  500 litres of it."

Tune in every Friday to hear Grayden talk with Cody and Pamela about different types of brews.

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