Whelp, it's here. Fall. Whether you like to admit it or not, the forecast doesn't lie. We are expected to have a high on Thursday of only 6 degrees. So summer is gone for another year, and we are now into fall, so you know what?! Let's look at all the wonderful positives that come with fall!

1. No more air conditiong!

If you don't have air conditioning, this cooler weather couldn't come faster. Even if you have air conditioning, this is that glorious point in the year where you can save money!

2. No more awkward sweat!

You shower, get dressed in nice clean clothes, step outside and suddenly known of those things matter. Who knew the small of your back could produce so much sweat? Well with fall you can finally say goodbye to awkward wet patches on your body. 

3. No more bugs!

Morning frost is not great to scrape off the windows, but if you think we have it bad, atleast we aren't bugs. Say bye bye!

So there are lots of great reasons to enjoy the changing of the season, and well 6 degrees is no longer weather you want to lounge on the patio in, it is great weather to hang out on the couch with a PSL.

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