Here's what happened after Week 2.

Claire and Maddie, two of your AIR 106.1 hosts are 2 weeks into a Six Week Fitness Challenge with the incredible guidance of Naomi Keane from Oranj Fitness in Airdrie. When we say 'fitness challenge', this involves all the aspects the transition into a healthy lifestyle change: exercise, diet, sleep, and water.

Week 2 focused on trying a few new classes, adding in some home workouts, adding in some extra protein and doing meal prepping. 


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I am loving the meal prep breakfast! So figured it would be ok to share her recipe! Try it for you and the kinds!



Things we noticed after completing the second week of the challenge:


  • Loves the meal prepping
  • Is a big fan of Zumba
  • Still needs to get more focus on sleep
  • Is loving the smoothies from the smoothie bar
  • Keeps trying to become a yogi....emphases on trying lol 


  • a better structure to my eating habits with meal preps
  • loving Barre classes more and more each time
  • energy levels keep going up
  • not feeling the need to snack as often as I used to
  • less desire to satisfy my coffee addiction
  • decrease in indigestion
  • stress levels decreasing from yoga classes
  • more leg flexibility!

Week 2 upped the game and has made things even easier to keep a healthy lifestyle and focus on personal wellness. 

We are stoked to find out what the amazing Naomi and Oranj Fitness have in store for week 3!

If you're looking to improve your quality of life and change your lifestyle for the better, we definitely recommend trying some classes at Oranj Fitness because the staff are incredibly welcoming, the classes cater to your personal fitness level, and you'll leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.