Earth Day 2018 is just a few weeks away... April 22nd!

There are small changes we could make in our everyday lives that can actually make a big impact on Earth's well-being. And they barely take any extra effort.

  1. Wash your recyclables before recycling. Did you know that a jar of peanut butter will not be recycled if it has residual peanut butter? Give it a quick wash.
  2. Turn off the lights. You hear this all the time. It saves energy and saves YOU money too.
  3. Go easy with the water. Take a shorter shower, minimize the amount of baths you take, don't leave the water running.
  4. Reuse! You can do this with so many things; water bottles, grocery bags, clothing swaps, hand-me-downs, the list is endless.
  5. Walk, ride your bike, or use public transit on your way to school or work.
  6. Use fewer chemicals for cleaning. Did you know that vinegar and warm water is just as effective for cleaning surfaces?
  7. Pick up that piece of trash you noticed while jogging. Recruit you kids to do a neighbourhood cleanup for a few bucks. Don't litter!
  8. Try to live a minimalist lifestyle. The more you declutter and less things you own will leave you feeling liberated... you don't need ten purses, one or two will do!
  9. Recycle your old electronics. Lots of electronic stores will accept your old cellphones, printers, and other electronics. Don't just throw them in the garbage.
  10. Use cold water when washing laundry and hang clothes to dry instead of using your dryer. is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.