The Ottawa Senators are getting some heat for a video posted by an Uber driver.The Uber driver is getting heat too. I mean, imagine if this were players from the Flames or Oilers.


A bunch of players caught a ride and had no idea the camera was filming. They went on to rant about the team and it's coaching staff. The driver released the video and now it's had some repercussions. I mean imagine if you and some co-workers were slamming your bosses and other work mates and it was caught on video and played for the world to see? Awkward right? So what are your thoughts on this? Should we be keeping our mouth shut these days, especially knowing big brother is always watching? Or should we be free to vent without worrying about a camera being present? If your were the boss at your company, how would you handle an incident like this? is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.