It was a beautiful summer day in early April.

Winter was but a distant memory as Derek decided to fire up his prized Charcoal smoker and the back deck of his newly purchased townhouse.

On the menu was succulent Pork Sausage with a hint of Herb and Garlic flavour.

As Derek readied the smoker with fresh briquettes of Charcoal, smothered in highly flammable starter fluid, his inner Ramsay was ready to come out for his friends to see.

But when the wind hampered his efforts to burn a hot smoker for his meat, he resorted to fix the problem.

"More briquettes and lighter fluid is sure to get the heat back up," he thought.

All was working according to plan as he took to lighter to start the fire again, until the saturated charcoal and ashes blew a massive fireball at his hand, burning it delightfully.

The aftermath of this trial and error moment brought him to Airdrie's Urgent Care, where his hand was wrapped wonderfully with gauze and clean bandage.

It was peculiar site for the AIR Drive Host as he returned to the microphone with a little extra weight on his hand.

"This," he thought, "is perfect to create something I've never had in this studio...a co-host."

So with a brush of the felt and a little crazy imagination, Derek turned his hand into an opportunity of a lifetime.

If only, this new co-host wasn't so fussy and carried more than a one word vocabulary, we might have seen more of him.

But alas, as the hand healed so the gauze and bandage that was AIR 106.1's newest addition dissipated.

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