Day 14 winner Darcy Fraser. Photo: Kevin Wallace

The Day 14 Winner on Friday morning was Darcy Fraser and she made it in record time.  Driving into the Airdrie City Hall parking less than a minute after we announced our location was a boon for Darcy as she walked away with 4 gift cards.  She narrowly beat 2 other listeners as they both showed up just minutes later.  Darcy thanks Kumon Math & Learning Centre for providing the perfect beginning to her Friday.  She took home a $25 gift card for McDonalds, a $25 gift card to Starbucks, a $25 gift card to Tim Horton's and another $25 gift card to Indigo/Chapters.  A great way for Darcy to help celebrate her grandson's 2nd birthday.  Congrats to Darcy and we look forward to making more winners next week during the final week of the 9-2-5 Prize-A-Day Giveaway!


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