Help! It's SO cold.

There's no worse way to start off your morning than by stepping outside and feeling the moisture in your nose and lungs turn to ice. Another chinook has passed Airdrie and this means it's back minus 30 degree temperatures. Sadly, there's not much we can do about fast-forwarding through winter. However, there are ways to make getting through it a bit more bearable.

Crank the heat and stay indoors. This could get pricey but when it comes to money or your well-being, well-being always wins.

Layer up. This one's obvious. Grab your favourite fleece sweater and wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket.

Take a tropical vacation - they're always most enjoyable in the dead of winter.

Hot or cold, drink all the good drinks. Cozy drinks like hot chocolate, coffee, and apple cider will warm your body and soul. A big glass of red or mulled wine will do the trick too.

Exercise! Whether it's running or lifting, working out will definitely warm you up and improve your mood.

Get a block heater or a mini heater for the inside of your vehicle... I recommend this 100%! I've got one and it's great getting into a warm car every morning when it's blistering cold outside.

Make baths a regular thing during the winter. The hot water and bubbles will heat you to the core and keep you feeling warm for hours afterwards. Also a great excuse to use that Lush bubble bar you got for Christmas.

Move to a warmer place. If you're really suffering and can't deal with the arctic temps, this would be a last resort.


..don't forget that Canadian winters have so much to offer that other places can only dream of - snowboarding, skiing, ice hotels, and building snowmen! Remember to enjoy these fun things that winter in Canada brings. is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.