IMG_0189.jpgPhoto Courtesy: Marni Fedeyko

Cochrane's third summer sizzling artist is Hermann Brandt.

Brandt has been in Cochrane for 16 years and although he has been doing art his entire life, it has only been two years since he decided to persue his work full time. Like many artists, Brandt says, "You have have to be okay not making a ton money, and be okay with with it." He believes his art is a gift and one which he needs to give away.

Brandt's artistic abilities include painting, drawing, and his newest talent sculpting. He loves to paint outside in the open air and his focus shifts between landscapes and animals. With his youth being spent in Zimbabwe and South Africa he not only has a passion to protect animals but wants to make others aware of the issues surrounding vanishing habitats and endangered species. 

Brandt opens up about his love of art and his partnership with the anti poaching unit of the Tashinga Initiative in Zimbabwe through his sculptures.

Sixty percent of the proceeds raised from the sale of Brandt's sculptures goes back to the wildlife protection project that protects the current population and allows for repopulating to occur. 



Photo Courtesy: Marni Fedeyko


Brandt's artwork is as captivating as his life story and one in which I hope people have a chance to hear. To find out more information on Brandt and view his fine art, click here.

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