Glen_Boles_-_1.jpgPhoto - Marni Fedeyko

If you are a lover of the mountains, then Cochrane artist Glen Boles will amaze you.

Glen has 81 years of life experience and his passion for mountaineering will leave you awe struck. Glen has spent much of his free time summitiing various peaks in the Rockies, Yukon, Alsaka, and the Alps. He has summited almost 600 peaks in his time, and his artwork captures details that very few will ever see. Glen's passion of photography helped him to replicate images of various mountain ranges to unbelievable precision. 



Photo - Marni Fedeyko


What makes his art unique is his use of pencil and ink on his drawings to recreate an image so flawless that you are not sure if it was the original photo or his drawing. His precision at 81 years old is unbelievable.

Glen and his wife Liz who just celebrated 50 years of marriage this month, shared a bit of history.

Glen has been involved in all forms of mountaineering from climbing to mountain rescue and was also an avid skier. He spent many years on the Canadian Ski Patrol and has been been a member/president of the Alpine Club of Canada, American Alpine Club, and the Calgary Mountain Club. He has also co written two books "The Climbers Guide to the Canadian Rockies-South" and "Places Names of the Canadian Mountains". He also has his own book titled "Glen Boles My Mountain Album" which showcases his photos and artwork of his mountaineering expeditions.

Glen only stopped climbing 10 years ago due to a heart attack and diagnosis of Parkinson's Disesase, which has kept his feet firmly on the ground. To hear Glen's story is one that will inspire, amaze, and astound you. You can find a gallery of Glen's drawings and paintings here, as well as Glen's contact information.

Marni Fedeyko[email protected]





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