Kids look forward to presents, adults look forward to baking. Christmas baking. And I know, you or someone you know dreads this time of year. Because the will power to resist all the tasty treats is too much. Why resist? Give in! Top 3 treats to enjoy this season:

1. Short bread cookies

Basically little disks of butter. You always say you will just have one.......

2. Molasses sugar cookies

What you turn to, to try and get yourself off the short bread cookies. Big mistake, now your popping these puppies back as fast as your hands can move.

3. Ginger snaps

Lets be honest, these are just happiness in chew-able form. 


So now you are full of cookies. Be happy! It's the holidays and you deserve a break! After all the decorating and present buying, you deserve a cookie...or 20.... is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.