Crossfield author D.K. Snape stopped by the studio to tell us about her book Kin Ship, part one of her series Moustache on the Moon.

Kin Ship sets up a fantastical alternate reality of the origins of life on earth and phenomena in the universe.

"My youngest son and I, he is 22 now, but when he was much younger we were watching a science show about worm holes and he said, how do they make them? And that's when I developed, it's gotta be a worm right?"

In the world of Moustache on the Moon a strange worm like line has inexplicably appeared on Earth's moon, and very soon people start to learn that maybe Earth isn't home after all.

Told from the perspective of a 15 year old girl from Calgary the book not only takes a spin on science, but also language. In it, Snape's aliens speak Basque,

"I used Basque mythology, the aliens also speak Basque. Because that was their language and it came down to earth, it's called an isolate language- we don't know where it came from so I picked that language... there is a glossary in the book itself of all the words I use in the story because I thought children are the best people to learn a new language, and Basque is such a neat language, it's so melodious."


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