Airdrie kids are over the moon excited for the first ever Airdrie Children’s Festival tomorrow (May 26th), especially with one of their favourite performers coming to town. 

Award-winning Canadian entertainers Bobs and Lolo will grace the stage at Nose Creek Park and according to Lorraine Pond of the duo, they are really excited.bobs and lolo credit airdriechildrensfestival (Photo Courtesy: Airdrie Children's Festival)

“Because the organizing committee is so proud of the event that they’ve put together and we’re feeling the enthusiasm and excitement through the e-mails that we’re getting and the Facebook posts and it’s really helping to create this anticipation. We can’t wait to be a part of this event.”

The pair has known each other since childhood and started performing together in 2003, and had a lot of great inspiration to work with.

“We had all these amazing artists to look up to as we started our own careers,” says Pond, “Fred Penner and Charlotte Diamond and Sharon, Lois and Bram. We just feel really grateful now to be a part of that community ourselves.”

After 15 years of performing and over a dozen albums, Pond says that there are no signs of stopping for her and her singing partner Robyn Hardy, especially with how much kids enjoy their performances.

“It is so dynamic and the energy is so real. We just love that spontaneity that kids bring to a live performance environment and the fact that we might be performing for 500 kids but they all think we’re having a one on one conversation with them directly. They’re just in the moment.”

Pond says that families can expect a very interactive show tomorrow where every kid will feel included.

The Children’s Festival begins around 10:30 am at Nose Creek Park with Bobs and Lolo performing at 2:30 pm.

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