kayak_one.jpgWhite water rafting is kind of like this- but faster, and more in the mountains, and with more people....

We've got a sweet new contest kicking off this morning and running through the rest of the week.

It's called boat or boom and here is the premise: we've got two (theoretical) inflatable boats here in studio.

One is shiny and brand new, but the other is seasoned and has definetely seen brighter days.

All you have to do is call in and pick boat A or boat B- and we will give it the final six pumps needed to hit full inflation.

If it pops- you lose! If it doesn't you win!

The prizes for Boat and boom are petty awesome too- all prizes include passes to Canadian Rockies Rafting, and a few have accomodation included as well. We have certificates for one night stays at Silver Creek Lodge, a one night stay at The Georgetown Inn (with a few gift certificates to help with dinner and breakfast,) and a two night stay at Mystic Springs Chalet & Hot Pools.

So stay tuned to Air 106.1 this week and keep your eyes peeled on our facebook and twitter for hints as to when we will be asking for callers! (Both morning and afternoon shows!)

Set us up on speed dial now! 403-212-1061

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