Hey Guys! I'm the new gal and this is my first blog! Figured I'd tell you a bit about myself and what I know about Airdrie so far! People here are very friendly! I love that everyone says hi and good morning. I also love having all the amenities you might need close at hand. So far loving the weather....I do know winter will eventually will show up though. At least travel in town doesn't take long anywhere and from what I can tell, people here would be pretty helpful when it comes to pushing vehicles and digging them out. Airdire seems to be a busy place with tons of events to check out and lots of ways to keep you busy! So far I love it!


Now about me. First and foremost I'm a mom. I love my daughter and she is my world. I was born and raised in Calgary and have lived a few other places for short periods of time. I also love this crazy business called radio! OI grew up a singer and dancer and loved performing but eventually my path ended up on the radio instead of being on a stage. I am glad it did. I have been doing it for quite awhile now and still love my gig everyday. I don't sleep much during the week so let me sleep in on weekends or I can be a bear lol especially if you try to chat with me before my coffee....which I drink a ton of. I also love to try new foods and wine. I'd like to say I'm a foodie but I do appreciate some of the foods a real foodie may take issue with. I hate mushrooms. I don't have anything against them per say... they just creep me out, it's not their fault. it's me not them.


Over all I just hope we can have a ton of fun together, lots of laughs and I'm all about good conversation! Thanks for having me and joining me every weekday 6am-Noon!




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