For the love of all things cold, it's a hot week in Airdrie. Very hot.

We're reaching a high of 35°C tomorrow... let's put this into perspective. Right now in the Amazon Ranforest, it's 27°C - think about that for a second.

Here are ten fool-proof ways to stay cool through this heatwave:

  1. Install an air conditioning system at home. If you've got one, you're set! If this isn't an option, become friends with someone who's got one. And then constantly invite yourself over.
  2. Pay a visit to Airdrie's Chinook Winds Splashpark. It's free, its refreshing, and who says adults can't splash around at the park? We're all kids at heart, afterall.
  3. DIY air conditioners are all over the internet. Who knew a cheap fan, milk carton, and a few wires could cool you down? If you've got some patience and a knack for creativity, get googling.
  4. Pay your kids to fan you while intermittently spraying you with a chilled spraybottle of water. Why have kids if you can't recruit them to do your bidding?
  5. Drink and eat all the delicious cold treats. Lemonade, ice cream, a cold brew? Yes please! You let that beach bod go a long while ago... treat yourself.
  6. An age-old trick if you don't have AC at home: open all the windows in your home at night to cool it down, then shut them all first thing in the morning, along with all your curtains.
  7. Drink hot tea or coffee. Apparently, if you drink a hot beverage on a hot day, it'll actually cool you down.
  8. Buy a deep freezer and sit in it (door stays open, obviously. Human popsicles are not okay).
  9. Fill a hot waterbottle with water and pop it in the freezer. Then sleep with that in your bed and it'll cool you right down.
  10. Finally, quit complaining about the heat! Have you forgotten about the eight months of snow a year? Or the horrible winter driving conditions? Or the frostbite? Enjoy the heat while it's here. is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.