Last weekend’s Airdrie Film Festival was another big success for the local film society and aspiring filmmakers. 

For the first time, the festival showed their films at the Roxy Theatre in Airdrie which society member Kim Cheel said added to the overall festival awards sept2018 credit airdrie film society(Photo Courtesy: Airdrie Film Society)

“It completely adds a new dynamic. I feel like what the major goal for filmmakers is to have it shown on those big screens. Mission accomplished for year two.”

When the festival opened for submissions last summer, they expected to get a diverse group of films and Cheel shares where this year’s movies came from.

“We had one from Airdrie which was Mitchell George, Crooked Cinema. One from Calgary and then several from Ontario, Quebec, B.C. and we even had some from France and Iran.”

The Film Society says they are always looking for new members and hopes that festivals like this will draw more local filmmakers to share their work.

“I think it just means that there’s one more opportunity for them to submit their films to,” says Cheel, “All these people, they have ideas, they have vision. Once they’ve put that to film, to digital now, there needs to be an outlet for them and it’s great that we can provide just one more outlet for these filmmakers.”

Cheel says that the society has already started planning for next year’s event and will open for submissions in January rather than the summer as they’ve done in the last couple years.

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