The City of Airdrie has always been abuzz with activity, much of it thanks to the many volunteers who have put countless hours into their own community. Without these great volunteers, much of what has been achieved in Airdrie would not have been possible.

With the 2015 Volunteer Awards coming up, it's a great time to recognize those friendly hands helping within the community. Four separate awards are going to be given out to Airdronians who have made a difference, both young and old. The city is looking for nominees, and it's a great opportunity to recognize excellence within the community. Robbie White was able to sit down with us and talk about the awards. Check it out.


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UPDATE, MARCH 11, 2015

Earlier today Robbie was able to join me LIVE on the Mid-day Show and talk volunteerism. He gave us the scoop on what volunteerism really is and how you can get involed. Check out what went down.


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