A local non-profit group is reaching out to the public in the hopes of finding new volunteers that they desperately need. 

President of the Airdrie Citizens on Patrol Ennio Ricci said that their volunteer numbers have dwindled as of late.

“We have 24 members at this moment but in reality, active, there’s only 6. Crime in Airdrie is on the rise.”

Ricci said that not having enough volunteers puts the organization in danger of not operating all nights or even worse, folding.

The Patrol is hoping to find younger volunteers willing to use their time to help.

Interested volunteers are encouraged to visit the Airdrie RCMP building or contact Citizens on Patrol directly.

Volunteers will go through a screening process as well as 20 hours of training before their first patrol.

“They explore the city, they learn exactly what we did before,” said Ricci. “Our job is mostly at night. We patrol at night till 3 or 4 o clock in the morning. When everybody sleeps, we do our job.”

Ricci said that it’s very important to have the Citizens on Patrol in Airdrie in order to help the local RCMP in one of Canada’s fastest growing communities.

“The City’s growing very fast and we are only a few people going out on patrol. We’re in partnership with the RCMP. We are in communication with them 24/7. If there is anything that they need us to do, they call us and we are right there.”

More information on the local Citizens on Patrol is found on their website.


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