Logan James AIR

The AIR 1061 studio got a little rowdy yesterday as Logan James and Stephanie Hippe joined us to do one thing and one thing only...

Lay the smack down on you and the all of the other AIR 1061 listeners out there!

Yes, it was an afternoon full of wrestling talk. These two multi-talented individuals just recently graduated from the Lance Storm Wrestling Academy in Calgary. It was no holds barred, we covered it all! We talked what it was like to train with a professional wrestler, the ups and downs of wrestling school, injuries and risks, even trash talking and developing a solid gimmick for you character.

In case you missed it, below is all of the clips from the interview combined into 12 minutes full of wrestling goodness.


Logan begins this discussion, with a little background on himself and another one of his unique talents, music! Then, it's straight on to the wrestling talk...


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