Little free libraries have been popping up on people's front lawns with great frequency in cities over the last couple of years.  Now, one in Airdrie is putting a multi-cultural spin on the phenomenon.  

The first Little Free Multi-Cultural Library in Airdrie was launched last night (May 13) at 353 Sagewood Drive in Airdrie.  The project is an initiative of Syed Hassan who came to Canada from Pakistan in 2009.  Hassan is with the Love With Humanity Association, a non-profit organization that works with newcomers to Canada.

One of their projects is the Little Free Library.  The first of its type was launched two weeks ago in Calgary with the second being the one in Sagewood in Airdrie.  Hassan said before he launched the one in Calgary, newcomers told him they were without transportation and couldn't find books in their native language, which inspired him to act.

"So I keep in mind all those things and you know I'm a book lover too and I'm thinking I have so many books in the home and I'm thinking these books are not being utilized, the same thing in other houses as well.  I keep this in mind and I launched the first multi-cultural library from my lawn and it was super neat."

Hassan said people can take books and leave books anytime they like from the library.  Then, he received a request from a person in Airdrie to bring the project here.

"She's a writer, a great writer and also a lover of books.  She said why don't you please come into my home and launch this kind of library because my people in the Airdrie area don't have this type of multi-cultural library.  So I accepted the request."

Hassan said the library will contain books in many languages including Punjabi, Arabic, French, English, Chinese and Korean to name just a few.   He said the aim of the Little Free Library and the Love With Humanity Association is to inspire a love of reading, build community and spark creativity by fostering neighbourhood book exchanges and find different language books in one place. 


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