The clock fairy is a lot like the tooth fairy.  Well, sort of.  

The tooth fairy is known as the giver of $2, or $5 or $10 depending on the wealth or generosity of your parents when you lose a tooth.

The clock fairy, on the other hand, is a mythical creature that takes something away in the springtime and gives it back in the fall.  That something is an hour's sleep.

Unfortunately, tomorrow (March 11) is the day you're going to be upset with the clock fairy after she snatches your sleep away by forcing you to set your clock ahead by one hour for Daylight Saving Time.

Yes, this is indeed the weekend when we "spring ahead" by one hour, officially at 2:00 am tomorrow morning.  However, the clock fairy will not get too upset if you do it before you nod off for what will be a shortened slumber tonight.

But, as they say, the clock fairy giveth after the clock fairy has taketh away.  I'm sure they say something like that.  On Sunday, November 4th she, or he depending on your vision of fairies, will begrudgingly return your hour of lost sleep when we "fall back" to regular time.  

Sleep well!

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