Happy Thanksgiving! Time to have way too much turkey and pie.... if that is even possible! In celebration, here are 3 things to look forward to this Thanksgiving!

1. Food

No surprise here, the food. Turkey. Even if you are vegan, I have heard that vegan turkeys are a thing so everyone can enjoy! It's that one day a year where for some reason eating wayyyyy too much is not only socially acceptable, its expected. Put the stretchy pants on!

2. Family and Friends

If you love your family and friends, it's so nice to have them over! If you do not like your family or friends, it's so nice to watch them leave. Either way, wether it's coming or going, there will be joy!

3. Leftovers

You think this might fall under food, but you are mistaken. Because there are 2 magical moments that happen. Eating the food that night, and then having enough leftovers to see you through an apoloclypse. Sure, sometime in January you may be sick of turkey sandwiches, but they are sooooo good Tuesday afternoon.

Have a great Thanksgiving Airdrie from your Air 1061 Family!

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