I know, it's still summer, but it's more than halfway over. Sorry!

Summer is fun, sun, and vacationing, but don't be down about it ending, because Fall is just as great! So, to get you pumped up for Fall 2017, here are four reasons why you should be looking forward to it.



  1. Pumpkin Spiced EVERYTHING

    You've probably never met someone who hates anything Pumpkin Spice flavoured. It's honestly one of the greatest creations every - especially in latte form. Once September rolls around, you'll notice businesses in the food and drink industry make the big switch to orange mode. There's absolutely nothing better than that first sip of a creamy Pumpkin Spiced Latte. The only word to perfectly describe this experience is coziness.

  2. Sweaters & Clothing

    Again, this has everything to do with coziness. There's something about sweaters that makes you feel safe, comfy, and happy. You also get to bring out your favourite Fall boots which again, feel cozy. Fall clothing makes you feel like you're permanently in bed because you're nice and warm, but you're not overheating. You can still feel the crisp breeze or the warmth of a bonfire.

  3. Weather & Colours

    You freeze your toes off during winter, and pay a killer heating bill. You sweat buckets and maybe even suffer heat stroke in the summer. If you don't have AC, then good luck.
    With Fall comes the perfect balance - it's not too cold or too hot. It's warm enough to not wear a jacket, but cool enough to wear a comfy snug sweater. Fall is a beautiful season because of all the colours. Fall brings some of the most gorgeous views, especially when you're hiking or driving through a wooded area.

  4. Halloween

    Need I say more?

    T-minus 42 days until Fall is officially here. Tikl then, enjoy the summer heat because it's not here for long.

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