It's election day! And you should get out and vote!

If you are on the couch and not planning on voting, you probably already have heard the traditional reasons to vote [you should use your voice, your ancestors fought for your right to vote, etc.] and those haven't worked. So let's try these instead! Here are 3 nonsensical reasons for you to vote today:

1. It's what the penguins would do.

Penguins can't vote, but you know they would if they could. Do it for the penguins.

2. Voting decreases cancer.

I have absolutely no science to back this up. None. Zero. But I'm making the claim anyway. If you vote it probably decreases your chance to get cancer.

3. Voting will make your kids behave, it will clean your house, and make that annoying neighbor turn down his music for the next month.

These are some bold claims, I realize that. Some would even say flat out lies. And maybe they are right... or maybe all these wonderful things will happen to you. You won't know unless you vote.


So there you have it! If this won't get you to vote, then nothing will. It's a little time out of your day and it will make a big difference. So go vote! is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.