It happens ever year. The snow piles up and then. Swampfest. Car eating puddles, soaked shoes and pant legs, and the feeling that it would be easier to get around town in a canoe. There are some upsides to swampfest though:

1. Free Pools

You have always wanted a backyard pool, but could never afford it. Good news! There are now backyard pools, front yard pools, drive way pools, and even street pools! One way to enjoy the warm weather, just don't drink the water....

2. Night Rinks

With the temperature still hitting -10 or lower at night, those handy ponds turn into another recreational surface. Skating rinks. No more driving to the local outdoor rink, you have one right outside your door! Go for a skate with the dog!

3. Atleast it's not snow

Atleast it's not snow! At this point I think we can all agree. We are done with snow!

It may not be the best time, but it means that spring is just around the corner. So hike up those pant legs and practice your jumping, because soon it will be nothing but sunshine and good times!


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