2018 might have sucked, but it can't have been all bad.

Everywhere I turn, negativity about 2018. From recession to break ups, it seems everyone can't wait to start 2019.

I want to focus not on the year ahead but my good memories from 2018. Trust me, like you I had a pretty crappy year with a divorce, move, money issues and custody battle. So for some of the year I'd rather not reflect on it. But the move brought me to Airdrie and it's awesome. So on that plus side note, I also found out how unhappy I had been and got a fresh start, it's been great. I also realized what was most important in my life and have been able to really focus on that. I see this as the year that got me back on track, even when it felt like I had just crashed and burned, it was all bringing me to this!


So, what was the best thing to happen to you in 2018?


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