A business looking to reduce harvest loss won Best New Exhibitor down at the Lethbridge Ag Expo last week.

Plus Bushel Business Development Manager, Chris Sobchuk, says their combine optimization tool is a magnetic pan you attach to the combine to measure grain loss.

The pan is dropped from the combine using a remote control, Sobchuk explains.

Farmers can then check the contents of the drop pan to see if their combine is doing it's job breaking all the heads open.

The company also sells an air separator to quickly divide the chaff from the grain, along with a small scale to weigh the kernels which allows farmers to measure the harvest loss in bushels per acre.

Sobchuk says this information helps producers adjust their combine settings.

"We're basically trying to put more grain in the bin and less in the field," Sobchuk says. "There's hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting out in the fields that people are leaving out there that they shouldn't be."

He says, they've talked to costumers growing 1,700 acres of canola who saved over $55,000 using the tool to calibrate their combines to reduce grain loss.

The system was selling at the trade show for $2,750.

Sobchuk adds, they won the Best New Exhibitor Award for interacting with the crowd and having a great presentation.

The Lethbridge Ag Expo ran from Wednesday, February 27 to Friday, March 1 at Exhibition Park.


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