With lab grown products becoming a trending topic, the Canadian Cattlemen's Association has created a definition of beef and meat.

Last month at their Annual General Meeting in Ottawa, the Association passed the definition for beef and meat to "only include products derived from actual livestock raised and harvested for human consumption."

Canadian Cattlemen's Association Executive-Vice President, Dennis Laycraft, says the definition is what consumers correctly believe meat is.

"I think consumers in recent surveys have actually shown they want them (cultured products) to be accurately described and not just cosmetically described," he said.

Laycraft says they've always had policies in place about accurate labelling, which are undergoing a modernization process.

"And not misleading or negative advert labelling," he adds. "You know trying to pit one group against another. We don't see there's any benefit in doing that."

He says this discussion surrounding labelling and defining products is also being had among the international standard setting bodies.


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